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We are The Mad Men of Masculinity! Just two men having real conversations for You.
We inspire men and provide insight to women about what it means to be a healthy man today in life, love, career and family. 



Jason and Kirk are committed to the betterment of mankind through the sharing with, supporting and helping men into healthy Masculinity for betterment of themselves, their families and the world.


Jason is the author of It’s Not Your Life, It’s You (books 1 & 2). He is a transformational speaker, Reiki master, personal development coach, and a co-host of the Mad Men of Masculinity podcast on YouTube. He lives in the Denver, Colorado area and works with the BeMen Foundation and A Course in Miracles communities.

As an empath, intuitive and son of a psychiatric nurse, Jason has always focused on what makes people tick and to learn the why behind a person’s behavior. As a certified life coach, he uses his experience and personal development training to help get to the root of a person’s actions and behaviors. He helps them learn what’s unconsciously driving them so they can consciously make better choices in all areas of their lives.

Jason is available as a keynote speaker, for individual and group coaching, and for workshops for organizations, businesses and groups.


Kirk is a published author of For Your Eyes Only: The Inside Scoop About Men, Porn, and Marriage & author and curator of Seven Secrets of Modern Dating: The HE SAID, SHE SAID Guide for Getting from Single to Spouse. Seven Secrets of Modern Dating is an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in seven categories! He has been teaching and coaching men and women since 2014. Kirk was an award-winning speaker in Toastmasters Int’l. As a radio personality, he has been a part of numerous podcasts, the Corner Café Radio, and The Real Traci Rock Show. Kirk is also on the Advisory Council for BeMen and board of Step Seven Ministries.